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Imperia Online

Join millions of players online in this ultimate medieval strategy game! Be the King of your Empire and rule the Realm!


Imperia Online was a big hit game developed by Imperia online JSC, enjoyed by millions over the world. As this is an FTP online game, the system requires a minimal processing speed from your processors. Imperia Online is a strategy game that takes you to the medieval times. You are the emperor of this massively multiplayer game. Beyond your land are chaos and conquerors. With everyone eyeing on your land, the only way to survive is to become a strong empire. Build up your economic and military strength of your kingdom and be the strongest empire. Train and command vast armies for battles as you conquer new territories.


In this online MMO strategy game, you will be taken to a thorough tutorial. This detail in-game tutorial highlight all the significant actions that you must take for your survival and it also explains certain decisions in great depth. This online multiplayer game may be easy to start but it is difficult to master. Pretty much like most MMO strategy game, the main objective of the game is to have good resource management of both the economic and military forces. Your manpower will be mostly scattered throughout the video game to gather the resources required by you.


Like the start of most pc games, you will be tasked to set your empire’s name. After that, you will proceed on with this massively multiplayer online game. You begin this online game in a province, controlling a single village. As the province develops, it will grow prominently on the global map. In this building game, players will then begin building important structures which will provide resources for the people. There are also special buildings for military troop training in this role playing game. All the resources acquired and training given will strengthen your military force for future field battle and conquest.

Gems are also made available as premium currency in this online game. You can always check this status of your overall economic change. This can be done easily by clicking on the “smiley face” tab on the top of the screen. One unique feature in this video game is the presence of an online babysitter mode. This special mode allows you to go away without having to lose the game while the computer manages your empire as you would, making decisions as you do.

Town hall is the heart of your civilisation in this multiplayer online game. It allows you to build military and economic buildings. It also helps you to allocate your manpower and resources. While the commander centre is where the core of your military strategies is. This will be the place where you launch attacks on the other empires, deploy your troops and position your spies. The main bulk of the combat units like archers and infantry are trained in the barracks while weapons are built in siege workshop. Spies, on the other hand, are trained in unique spy schools.

There are also two universities available in the game. One specialises in military researches and troops development. While the other university is a general university where it is used to teach common skills to the public.

Graphics & Sounds

The user interface may seem a little complex for beginners. However, there is a detailed tutorial which clarifies this confusion. The 2D graphics and sound are pretty much like most MMO strategy war games.

Tips & Tricks

Below are some beginner tips and tricks which may be useful throughout your gameplay in Imperia online. There are also cheat codes available online. However, for the cheat codes to work, you will have to re-download a cheat programme which may be intimidating for beginners.

1. Army-save

Do not send all your army out for missions. Do save up some game troopers for defence. You wouldn’t want your kingdom to be defenceless during any nomads invasions.

2. The loss of your Army

There are several reasons for army losses. One obvious reason is through miscalculation of army strength during a battle. Lesser strength will most probably end up in trashing defeat. You will also lose your army through insufficient logins. Lastly, you will lose the army through low morale.

3. Gold Mining

During mining of gold mine, split as much army as you can. The more attacks you have on the gold mines, the more gold you will acquire. Another benefit from splitting your army(game troopers), lowers the risk of the whole army being caught. Most importantly. DO NOT attack the same goldmine as your enemies may track your movements.

4. Important Building Resources

Below are important resources that may come in handy during constructions of various buildings.

– Wood
– Stone
– Steel
– Gold

5. Outpost Protection Conspiracy

Players often have the misconception that an outpost will protect you. However, it may increase the risk of being attacked or spied.


Like all online multiplayer game developed by Imperia Online JSC, the actions and thrills come later in the game. In the initial game, the building of important structure may be a little mundane but they are important building blocks for your empire’s growth, in this mixed reality. As your kingdom expands, resource management will be challenging. You have to juggle between building a strong army and keeping your resources sufficient for your people’s survival. In terms of graphics, the 2D graphics quality in Imperia online does not stray too much from any typical MMO game. If you are a fan of strategic battles, try Imperia Online for free. This free download is available on GameTop.


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