Runic One

Runic One


Runic One

Runic One is a mosaic puzzle game guided by an amazing companion; a cute little cat. Complete the puzzle to restore the ancient object.


In Runic One, you were tasked to arrange the building blocks such that the runic element within the blocks coincides. Work your brain towards uncovering the ancient objects. Unravel the puzzle layer by layer with the help of your furry little cat friend. Be attracted to this entertaining puzzle game. An adorable game that you simply can’t resist.

Runic One features:

– Multiple Challenging levels;

– Adorable cat that accompanies you throughout the game;

– Soothing music that enhances the game play;

– Runic One is a free full version game to download and play.


  • File Size: 72 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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